Winter Weather Warm-up

How Snow Removal Helps to Build a Better Patio

In the great state of Ohio snow removal is as much of a tradition as watching the Scarlet and Gray on a Saturday afternoon. Ohioans know that when winter strikes it’s time to break out the cold weather gear and the snow equipment and fight the battle head on. This is especially true for Ohio’s great landscapers and hardscapers. It takes a lot of organization, hard work, and strength of character to win the battle against the elements. At Columbus Hardscapes we use snow removal not only as a source of income for the company throughout the winter months, but also as a way of honing our team’s skills. Think of it as offseason training.

The first step to a solid snow season is the planning. To create the perfect snow “playbook” it takes a lot of front office work to organize the different aspects in play. There are contract negotiations, maps to analyze, push points to be determined, timelines to be adhered to, and putting all the pieces in all the right positions to make the most effective use of the tools at hand. These positions are often handled by the guys behind the scenes. But after that first snow, when the chips are on the table, its all of this front office work that comes into play. If the right plays are called at the right times and the team is equipped to fight through adversity, the snow season will be a winning one.
Weight Training and Endurance:
When push comes to shovel, you need a well-trained/maintained team to execute the plan of attack. On the front lines are the big guys – dump truck spreader/plow combos, and wheel loaders. These guys do the heavy lifting. They open up the holes for rest of the team and are on the field for extended periods of time. Next, come the plow trucks. They are a little more agile, and can be used in tighter spaces. Then you have the specialty guys. An army of small machines like brooms, skid loaders, side-by-sides, and 4-wheelers keeping sidewalks, roads, parking lots, and entrances safe for the masses. Finally, you’ve got the endurance guys…special teams. These teams of shovelers brave the elements to personally do the clean-up jobs that the big machines can’t get to. They stay up for long hours and persevere through the most severe conditions. They do the dirty work. At Columbus Hardscapes we make sure that our team is in peak physical condition. Each aspect requires dedicated maintenance in order to perform at the highest capability.
The Big Show:
There are a lot of snow events throughout the snow season. Each event takes the planning, grit, and dedication of a well-trained team. But it’s all just training – for The Big Show. At Columbus Hardscapes, snow season is training season. All of the skills that we hone through the coordination, planning, and execution of our snow season we bring to bear during the following landscape/hardscape season. Our team is well taken care of, and in return, so are our customers. We are well organized, well maintained, and ready to tackle a new season of making the world a little more beautiful one patio at a time. Game On.