Why You Should Consider Maintenance

As with all Home maintenance, taking care of your patio and landscape investment will preserve the functionality and usability of your space. Our plans will ensure that a small problem doesn’t grow into a large one. Our team is trained to look for small incidents that may negatively impact your investment, such as ground heaving/settling, chipmunk burrowing, or improper drainage.

Why Choose Columbus Hardscapes for your Maintenance

That's easy. You trusted us with your installation. Now trust us to maintain it. Our training and experience in the industry keeps us moving forward. We use high-end materials and ensure best practices, and more importantly, we stand behind what we do. Plus, you get the added bonus of a discount on any additional installation work you need completed at your home/office.

Our Maintenance Packages

Landscape Maintenance

Your Customized Landscaping Maintenance Package includes scheduled care of your property including landscaping, shrubs, small trees, perennials and annuals.

Spring Clean-Up
  • We will create and maintain defined edges on beds and trees.
  • Scheduled removal of dead perennials and any leftover debris.
  • Seasonal mulch applications, maintaining a uniform and healthy depth. We recommend triple processed black mulch for its texture and organic properties.
Fall Clean-Up
  • Prior to the winter season, scheduled removal of leaves from beds.
  • Perennial trimming or “cut-back” as required
Scheduled Maintenance and Inspections
  • Weed removal/ spraying where appropriate
  • Pruning shrubs, perennials and trees as needed
  • Seasonal liquid fertilizing where appropriate
  • Pest and insect inspection and mitigation consultation
Seasonal Color and Holiday Displays (optional)
  • Seasonal annual plantings will be provided and maintained. For a special occasion or holidays, keep your landscaping looking fresh and appropriate year-round. We offer several different designs and price points!

Hardscape Maintenance

Regular maintenance and cleaning is something most people don’t enjoy or have time for these days. With 15 years of patio experience, it’s safe to say we understand what’s needed to make your place shine and keep it that way! Our Customized Maintenance Packages will include specific scheduled services over the course of three years with no need for a yearly renewal. Additionally, if your needs change and you’d like to add to your installation or expand your outdoor living, active warranty holders receive a 10% discount!

Our Annual Patio, Deck and Structure Five Point Inspection
  • Identify any signs of settling or heaving across your patio and edging
  • Confirm sound and plumb walls, steps and caps, pits and outdoor kitchens and structures.
  • Annual lighting inspection of instruments, transformer wires and connections.
  • Access proper drainage of hardscaping and installations.
  • Inspection of paver joint medium
Patio Maintenance, Sanding and Sealing
  • Annual light power washing or cleaning
  • Proper level of sand or joint compound will be maintained.
  • One deep surface cleaning will be performed. Where necessary, hot wash or chemical compounds may be used.
  • One application of exterior sealer will be applied to appropriate horizontal surfaces.

Customize your specific package to meet your family’s needs!

Package qualifies you for our Special Repair or Project -Add on Rate!

Should your patio require repair outside of your warranty, your repair is performed at a 10% discount on labor. (materials not subject to discount)

For Pricing on either or both of our packages, please start here.